khakiHi, and welcome to my blog! My name is Terrill. For several years I’ve wanted to write about my quest to understand what/who the ‘Word of God’ really is. This intellectual journey has taken me many interesting places, and I feel inspired to share what I’ve discovered.

Bare in Mind is a blog about books and bodies and the divine truth to be found in both. Raised in Christianity, I was taught that the ‘Word of God’ is both book (Bible) and body (Jesus). As a missionary linguist and Bible translator, I was trained to mediate the mysterious link between words and the manifold bodies of the world. Now, as an aspiring human, I wish for my life-in-the-body to be like a divine word truly spoken.

‘God’s Word’ is, I believe, the principle of embodiment. Bodies are God’s words, and these bodies range from the smallest quarks to the largest galaxies and everything in between, including bacteria, belugas, and those bodies of human consciousness called books. If all bodies are divine words, and embodiment the divine language, wouldn’t we do well to learn how to better listen to, speak, read, and write in this cosmic communication?

Since the dawn of self-awareness, we have been passing judgment on the bodies of God, on the ‘words’ that God speaks. Some we divinize and idolize, others we revile and condemn, while others we ignore and neglect. Seeing embodiment as God’s language and the whole cosmic ‘body’ as God’s speech can foster curiosity, wonder, and responsibility in place of fear, destruction, and oppression. Join me, if you’d like. We can wrestle with words and work together to realize the dream of a more humane world for all bodies.