Naked truth

May 31, 2017 (Tallahassee):

Aldous Huxley: “To such [dim] minds Reality, whether material, psychic or spiritual, presents itself as it is darkened, tinged and refracted by the medium of their own individual natures. But in those who are pure in heart and poor in spirit there is no distortion of Reality, because there is no separate selfhood to obscure or refract, no painted lantern slide of intellectual beliefs and hallowed imagery to give a personal and historical coloring to the “whole radiance of Eternity.” For such minds, as Olier says, “even ideas of the saints, of the Blessed Virgin, and the sight of Jesus Christ in his humanity are impediments in the way of the sight of God in his purity.” The Thing in itself can be perceived – but only by one who, in himself, is no-thing.”

Nakedness is a theme that keeps coming up: I feel the desire to be physically naked, psychically denuded, and existentially stripped bare – and all without shame. I want to know the ‘naked truth’, unadorned by mental graffiti, and be unashamed of it. I want to strip away the accreted layers of egoic separateness and expose the natural order and the projections of the mind of God. Only then will I become the purest vessel of divine self-experience.

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