Saviors of the world

March 23, 2017 (Nairobi):

A ‘savior’ of the world is anyone who can lead a group of people out of an existential cul-de-sac. People get trapped in institutional religious systems that support life at a status quo but do not favor new expressions of life. To idolize one such person, like Jesus of Nazareth, is to denigrate all other ‘saviors’, past, present, or future. There have been and are and will be other saviors, other messiahs, other christs – anointed ones, chosen ones, the Ones. These are those select few, those elites, who are gifted to break out of the mold and chart new paths of development. Most likely such candidates are also found among non-human species in which one member is ‘selected’ to be an ‘evolver’ that can pioneer new behaviors, strategies, and lifeways.

In the ecosystem of any given corporate body (species, culture, religion, institution, etc.), conformists are those majority members whose role is simply to be the body in question; they are its stable form through time; they con-form to the established pattern. Then, the reformers are those who appear in a body and recognize the need to change or improve things within the reigning paradigm or system. Then, there are the transformers, the revolutionaries, who perceive that an entirely new paradigm is needed because the current way of doing things is no longer viable in the swiftly shifting environment. These transformers are the saviors of the world, the messiahs, the christs, the chosen ones. They are radical, going back to the root, and seminal, to the seed. The new species that emerges from their deviation – if it is ultimately successful – is more complex, more conscious, more able to make a wider embrace of the constituents of the cosmos.

The Jews believed that their messiah would vindicate them as a tribe, defeat their enemies, and set up a kingdom of God among them only, a Jewish heaven-on-earth. As a savior, Jesus came from among them but seems to have recognized that in the future, his messiahship would extend to other tribes and nations. The Apostle Paul came along and made this prediction a reality by evangelizing the Gentiles of the Roman Empire. So the messiah of the Jews turned out to be the messiah of all peoples in that world (yet there were those who still tried to impose the Jewish religion on followers of Christ).

In Christianity, we get one man being the savior of the whole world. So the applicability of his saving grace is universal but the means is singular, individual. Indeed, there is only one way to be ‘saved’, made whole, healthy and holy, and that is by being a form or body into which the Spirit of Life can bubble up and enliven eternally. But that gift isn’t just for the Jews, or just for those who put their faith in a particular savior figure (be it Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus or any other great spiritual personality), but for all human beings. The divine source is still singular, but its manifestation in intelligible forms is plural. In an age of pluralism, the singularity of the SAVIOR needs to be bumped back one level from one embodied manifestation (like Jesus) to the ethereal source (God) where it can be made conceptually available once again for download into anyone who recognizes and receives the saviorhood that is their birthright. It needs to be known that ‘salvation’ is just a religious term for the highest degree of cosmic whole-making available to any being at a given point in time. It is the ecstatic and euphoric transformative integration of otherwise dis- or yet-mal-integrated components of a very elaborate organism, in our case, the HUMAN BEING.


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