Human manifesto

March 13, 2017 (Nairobi):

The question has come up recently as to whether I am still a Christian or not. Well, if being a ‘Christian’ means that I believe that:

  • Jesus Christ was the sole and final human embodiment of God, born of a virgin, who lived divinely without sin or error of any kind,
  • Jesus Christ rose physically (bodily) to life after three days being dead,
  • The purpose of Jesus Christ’s life was to appease a wrathful God’s demand for blood to annul the guilt of human sin, original and/or actual,
  • The Bible is the unique and final revelation of God, divinely inspired in a way no other book is, and the final authority in all matters of faith and morality,
  • Christianity, as a religion, is exclusively true, such that those people outside its influence are certainly destined to an eternity of conscious torment…

…then, indeed, I can no longer consider myself a Christian.

But if being a ‘Christian’ can be taken to mean that I believe that:

  • Jesus Christ was a highly enlightened human being with an intimate relationship to God, who was a religious genius who taught great ethical truths, and who (possibly) performed miracles,
  • Jesus Christ appeared after his death to some of his disciples in some very believable manner (possibly in instances of bereavement hallucination),
  • The spiritual gifts evident in Jesus Christ’s life can be appropriated by anyone who seeks them with sincere intentions,
  • The Bible is a repository of great spiritual wisdom originating in the Judeo-Christian tradition, much of which is still applicable to all people today,
  • Christianity is relatively true; that is, it is a true and valid religion that fosters and promotes spiritual life, but not in an exclusive or infallible way…

…then I could possibly still consider myself a Christian.

However, since this definition of ‘Christian’ is so divergent from the orthodox one outlined above, many (if not most) Christians would consider it unorthodox or heretical. So, although continuing to call myself a Christian would maintain a superficial appearance of agreement on essential beliefs, it would in fact act as a mask of inauthenticity.

To borrow a central Christian motif, my religion of biblical Christianity died and was resurrected as something like a cosmic humanism. The following is an attempt to articulate what might be called some of my core beliefs, although many of them are still in flux as I continue to explore…

At this point in time, I believe that:

  • The whole cosmos has a loving and powerful Cause, an Origin, a Source, which we can call ‘God’, who/which, by virtue of having created conscious human persons, must be at least as personal and conscious as we are, and probably infinitely more so.
  • God has been progressively creating the cosmos for billions of years, continues to do so, and will continue to for the unknowable future.
  • The many apparent dualities of the cosmos (love/hate, life/death, growth/decay, heat/cold, good/evil, syntropy/entropy, truth/falsity, holiness/sin, etc.) are actually grounded in a dialectic but ultimately singular reality – God.
  • God is lovingly creating the cosmos according to a Master Plan (logos) – a cosmic blueprint, a deep logic, an algorithm, a simple but powerful formula – rooted in God’s ‘mind’ and expressed evolutively in 4+ dimensional universe.
  • Human beings are the highest (most complex and integrated) manifestation of the Mind/Heart of God and yet are organically related to the rest of the cosmos.
  • Human beings, in the course of their cognitive and cultural evolution, developed brain structures (like lateralization) and functions in a dis-integrated way, leading to the profound mental and spiritual dissonance resulting in all the human evils in the world today.
  • Jesus Christ was one of the most human of all humans to his time, in the sense that his highly integrated being allowed for the amazing level of intimacy, love, wisdom, and power he reportedly demonstrated.
  • The disembodied spirit of Jesus – like the spirits of all ‘saints’, Christian or otherwise – is now with God in another dimension and can communicate with anyone who but asks.
  • God’s goal in creation (up through humanity) is to make the True Human, the type of being that would finally and truly be God incarnate, ‘fully God, fully man’ (until a being higher than Homo sapiens emerges).
  • To reach that goal, humans must now wake up and cooperate with God, consciously investigating and ‘owning’ every domain and dimension of life for God’s self-embodying and self-knowing purposes. Humans must come together to bring light, love, and full waking consciousness to every corner of the cosmos, microscopically and macroscopically.
  • The intended destiny of all people is to become WHOLE HUMANS – gods and goddesses-in-the-flesh – with the rights, privileges, and responsibilities thereof.
  • All systems of thought-and-practice – religions, worldviews, cultures, scientific theories, philosophies, languages, etc. – are ‘true’ relative to how well they channel and contain the Spirit of Life. It follows, then, that some are ‘truer’ than others (at least in local situations) and yet none are absolutely true and should not claim to be.
  • ‘Divine inspiration’, instead of being the property of a single book (the Bible) and a single man (Jesus) is actually the property of any created body – material or mental – that contains and channels the Energy of Love and Life.
  • The entire range of human experience is the true inheritance of the Human Being, of the Humanified Cosmos. This includes pain, suffering, and the shadow of our psyches, as well as those many aspects to be freely enjoyed and promoted, including: art, science, history, literature, philosophy, religion, mysticism, music, song, dance, poetry, spirituality, medicine, drugs, food, drink, athletics, sports, drama, cinema, romance, sexuality, emotion, reason, language, culture, technology, politics, work, play, etc.

In light of the above, I wish no longer to be identified as a Christian but rather simply as a HUMAN. My religion henceforth will be a species of holistic humanism/humanity whose fulfillment will be a cosmo-the-anthropic unity of Universe, God, and the Human. The evolution of the cosmos is the self-incarnation of God through God’s Enspirited World (energized matter), accomplished through the strife of the aforementioned dualities, unconsciously up through the appearance of the genus Homo and with increasing consciousness thereafter. May it be so.

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