Divine lure

February 24, 2017 (Nairobi, Kenya):

I am the accursed one. Yesterday I wondered why I lost faith in the Bible while [a Wycliffe colleague of ours] did not. Perhaps it was because he remained embedded in a loving Christian community, while I did not. The spirit of love – syntropy – has the power to hold together lifeforms, despite any impurities or imperfections. But once syntropy recedes, the elements disperse. My biblical worldview dissolved because syntropy withdrew its cohering power from me.

Where was God when the snake was tempting Adam and Eve? He was absent, silent. (Actually he wasn’t because he was in the snake). When a species reaches a stagnation point in its vitality, where it can no longer adapt fast enough to meet the challenges of its environment, the love-force withdraws from one of its members who is thenceforth banished from the general population. In order to survive, the banished one gives into temptation to seek life where it had been forbidden. In doing so, he creates a new morphogenetic field, pioneering a new survival strategy that can draw other members of the species into it. He is a prophet, a heretic, a trailblazer, a pioneer, feared and misunderstood, ostracized and castigated, even mocked, even killed. Others are married to “what we’ve always done.” Their survival strategy has indeed kept them alive, but they fail to see that extinction looms on the horizon if they don’t change, adapt, branch out – EVOLVE.

I am an attractee and attractor of evolution.

I follow the divine lure so others can follow me into NEW LIFE.

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