Human hypercluster

“Human beings, as other organisms at higher rungs of biological evolution, are hyperclusters of wave interference patterns, oscillating across a broad range of frequencies.”

– Ervin Laszlo

January 26, 2017 (Nairobi):

In December I read a mind-blowing book by Ervin Laszlo (and others) called What is Reality?: The New Map of Cosmos, Consciousness, and Existence. The book offers a description of reality-as-we-know-it based on quantum physics, quantum biology, parapsychology, mysticism, etc., that depicts the fundamental wavelike nature of the ground state of being and the hologram-like nature of the cosmos. It is the most inspiring and expansive and comprehensive vision I’ve been shown since Teilhard de Chardin.

A few representative excerpts:

“The fundamental reality is not matter but energy, and the laws of nature are not rules of mechanistic interaction but “instructions” or “algorithms” coding patterns of energy.”

“Reality is fundamentally waveform. Integral wave packets appear as corpuscles, but they are integral assemblies of interacting waves. The furnishings of the world are clusters of standing and propagating waves. The standing waves we know as particles are observable and measurable. They have mass, reflect light, and obey the action of local and universal forces. Yet they are not material entities, but relatively stable clusters of interfering waves.”

“Our universe can be defined as a coherence domain in the general wave field of the excited state of the cosmos. All things in it are clusters of coordinated vibration.”

“Neither matter nor mind is the basic reality. The basic reality is the intelligence that coordinates the clusters of vibration that appear as object-like and mind-like phenomena.”

“Object-like [external world] and mind-like [mental world] clusters of interfering waves are distinct but not separate: they interact and may be part of the same complex cluster. That cluster is a high-order pattern of wave interference. The living cell is an organization of molecules and molecular assemblies: a wave-interference supercluster. A human being is a multicellular system, a cluster of superclusters: a wave-interference hypercluster. It oscillates across a wide range of frequencies, some of which create object-like Gestalts, and others mind-like Gestalts.”

“In human beings, relatively continuous consciousness is associated with discontinuous bodies. Both consciousness and body are in-formed by the vibration of the ground state of the cosmos. The cells, organs, organ-systems, and the organism as a whole, as well as the mind or consciousness associated with the organism, receive and resonate with the intelligence that in-forms the universe.”


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