Crack the code

December 23, 2016 (Kampala):

Essentially, what I want to do is ‘crack the code’ of the cosmos.

Although I have no doubt that there is a quantitative correlate to the code, what I am after is the qualitative. Since I am not a mathematical thinker, I shall approach the problem as a grammatical thinker. I will leave it to others to work out the numbers.

Humanities offers wonderful insights into the fundamental problem, but it remains too vague, too romantic, too couched in language. Linguistics – or should I say, ‘phenomenological meta-linguistics’ – may provide an intermediary between mathematics/physics and humanities. It will get as close as one can get to mathematics while remaining fully in language, close to number while not leaving the realm of words.

To do this, I will have to attempt an inhuman (or transhuman) act, namely, to step outside the linguistic, self-reflexive feedback loop…step outside language while staying in it, step outside consciousness while working through it. That seems like one possible definition of insanity. No sane person could do it. I wonder if I can?

I will analyze and describe the RELATIO: the creative algorithm that generates patterns of relationship weaving intricate webs of connection between 1) the cosmos, 2) our nervous systems, and 3) our languages. All is related, all linked together by the ligaments of the λóγος – neural networks to networks in the external world, and both to the grammatical, semantic, and pragmatic networks that make up human linguistic cognition.

This, I shall try to articulate…and try to incarnate.

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