Heal the human

October 5, 2016 (Kampala):

It struck me yesterday while reading The Whole-Brained Child that the universe is like a brain. Both the cosmos and the brain are composed of innumerable interconnected networks of individual entities interacting in holarchical systems. In both, there is what I could call the logopneumatic unity: 1) In the brain, primal energy represented by the ‘right-brain’ intuitive faculty paired with the ‘left-brain’ logical-linguistic faculty…or on the vertical axis, brain-stem and mammalian brain impulses over against upper brain conscious cognition; 2) in the cosmos, primal creative energy filling meaningful forms, from the smallest to the largest scale.

Just as the brain needs to integrate all its regions and functions into a seamless whole, the cosmos needs to do the same – and is trying to. Just as all brains become dis-integrated to lesser or greater extents, the cosmos is also dis-integrated, as witnessed in natural calamities, disease, war, etc.

The brain of Jesus Christ was the deposit, the guarantee, the ‘firstborn’ of fully integrated brains (and as a result, persons), the brain being the densest and most complex embodiment of the Divine Mind. God – the Conscious Cosmos – is struggling to integrate itself, and if the human brain can be integrated to a species-wide extent, then the cosmos can too, directly in proportion.

The human being – the anthropic body-mind complex – is the pivotal microcosm: heal the humans, heal the world…and heal the body of God.

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