Cultivating perfection

September 3, 2016 (Kampala):

It’s been a year since I’ve even thought about starting a school in Ikland. But for some reason on this morning, after waking up miserably at 5:00, the vision came back to me. It was sparked by what I read from David Fideler this morning, that “humanity has a special role to play in cultivating the perfection of the universe.” As I peer ahead to the zenith of my own development – intellectual at least – to when I have a doctorate in linguistics and one in logo-istics (transdisciplinary cosmology), I wonder what my practical contribution will be to the evolution of the world.

East Africa being the putative origin of humanity, and the Ik being a token example of a people left behind in the race to modernization and globalization, it would be fitting to found a cutting-edge school in Ikland, a school that could impart to children the glorious heritage of humankind – math, science, technology, sport, art, music, history, philosophy, religion, etc. – and equip them to take this heritage further with their own unique Ik-ian genius, and that such a school would be a model, based on a paradigm shift, that would inspire schools around Uganda, Africa, and abroad.

It would be a school founded on the best sources of spiritual humanism. By raising the consciousness of one of our most neglected groups, we would be injecting new energy and new forms into our collective global consciousness.

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