Heaven on earth

July 29, 2016 (Kampala):

A thought keeps coming back to me – that the Cosmos already contains the raw materials needed for ‘Heaven’. The religious conception of heaven never appealed to me. Golden streets and perpetual hymn-singing? No thanks. What does appeal to me, however, is everything about this world, this planet, this life…without the obvious downsides like pain, fear, sin, hatred, etc.

As we were driving out to Fort Portal yesterday, I looked up at the sky in wonder, at the billowing columns of cloud with sunrays piercing through. And I thought: what would be heavenly would be to strap on some kind of personal flying apparatus, don an oxygen mask, and soar up into the atmosphere in complete freedom and bliss – that would be heavenly. And there is no reason to suppose that this vision will never become reality.

I wonder if the task of humanity is to create heaven on earth, literally. Through the combined evolution of technology and spiritual awareness and ethical-ecological responsibility, through the overcoming of our obstacles, empowered by the Mater Light, the Primal Energy – and discovering and embracing who we are – we may just be able to bring heaven down to earth.

This could just be utopian nonsense. But here’s the catch: in doing this, we have to come to full terms with the nature of the cosmos we actually inhabit and embody, with its anti-forces of death and decay; we have to learn how to harness them, exploit them, and eventually transcend them altogether.

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