The Keymaker

July 13, 2016 (Kampala):

Reading Bellah’s book on the evolution of religion has my mind swirling. He’s discussing the appearance first of mimetic culture among our ancestors, followed by mythic culture and the ‘drive for conceptual clarification’ which may have, in part, fueled the emergence of fully human language.

The connections being made in my mind are dizzying and exciting. I feel now, like I often have, that the conceptual KEY to everything is just beyond my grasp. I can FEEL its presence but cannot lay my conceptual hands on it.

My intuition all these years has been that this elusive conceptual and cosmic KEY is the λóγος that Heraclitus and St. John wrote about and that Jesus Christ was said to have embodied in human form. I’ve been calling it the ‘grammar’ or ‘language’ of God. Thinking just now of Ik grammar as an illustrative instance: it took me over 500 pages to describe it at a basic level. Ik grammar isn’t the ‘key’ to the Ik language. It’s more like a keyring full of keys. In other words, Ik grammar isn’t a simple, elegant algorithm or formula like E=MC². It is itself generated by something more fundamental.

What is more fundamental to unlocking than the key?

Is what I am looking for the master key?

Or is it perhaps even the KEYMAKER?

The ‘grammar of the cosmos’ or ‘language of God’ is far too complex for me to understand let alone describe. That task will take the collective efforts of all thinking humans: past, present, and future (with the help of cyborgs and AI). Rather, what I need to identify and describe is the master Keymaker: the singular relational principle that itself generates grammars of all kinds.

I think this Keymaker must be LOVE: the strong affinity of part to like part or part to unlike part and their coming together to make a new living WHOLE.

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