Cosmic supertext

April 19, 2016 (Kampala):

I’m reading a little this morning about Copernicus and the letter he wrote to the Pope explaining his revolutionary idea that the earth moves. While studying astronomy, he noticed something was ‘off’, and it bothered him. Up till then, astronomers had held widely varying and often conflicting views on the basics of the nature of the celestial world. So, Copernicus writes, “I set myself the task of rereading all the philosophers whose books I could lay my hands on.” And he found out that others, including Cicero, had posited a moving earth but that that view had simply been passed over for centuries.

I also sense something is ‘off’, in my particular case, something within prevailing accounts of human nature, including that of Christianity. The conflict between the contents of a book (the Bible) and the results of the study of the natural world (human beings included) is misfounded. The devotion many Christians give to a book is an ancient form of idolatry and superstition that needs to be eradicated. There should no longer be a belief in supernatural ‘sacred texts’ unless equal reverence is given to the world at large, the cosmic Super-Text, such that all – texts and world – are sacralized.

I have that intuition.

Now the task ahead of me is to search ‘the philosophers’ for some historical support for my intuition…

What I’m imagining is a seismic shift in the Christian West, shaking people out of their anti-cosmic stupor, turning their faces from a single book – a limited repository of truth – to all the great written works of humanity, and from books themselves back (or forward) to the Cosmos which is the Language of God. I believe this is necessary for the growth of the religion and the evolution of our species. At present, those believers who adhere to sola scripture (Scripture alone) are being held hostage epistemologically. For them, the Bible sets the boundaries on worthy concerns and considerations. I find this belief dangerously restrictive for life in the Third Millennium.

That is my intuition.

People be like: the Earth is stationary. Copernicus be like: the Earth moves.

People be like: the Bible is God’s Word. Terrill be like: the World is God’s Word.

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