In quantum love

January 21, 2016 (Kampala):

Last night we had dinner at Cafe Roma’s with G and her friend B.

At one point, B was telling us about the Christian books she and G read together. Then she self-consciously and insecurely made the caveat that even though these books aren’t ‘Bible studies’, they are still ‘based on God’s Word’, i.e., the Bible. This sounded like a gong in my mind: so many Christians I’ve known are uncertain about the relationship between the Bible – the putative ‘Word of God’ – and other available sources of knowledge and wisdom.

My hope is that one day I would be able to help communicate, in a clear and unpretentious way, a new theological vision for people like B…[and] for all believers struggling to reconcile conflicting thought systems. In this vision, the ‘word of God’, the λóγος, would be recognized not just in an anthology of ancient spiritual literature, but in all that is. It would be demonstrated how the Word was at the beginning, how it could be at the end, and how it may be everywhere in between. Science, (true) philosophy, theology, scripture, mysticism, and raw daily experience would all be drawn into one paradigm, one grand synthesis with the Cosmic Christ at the very center.

Such an endeavor could free future generations of truth-seekers to seek Truth everywhere, not merely in books, but in the Whole World. And that could in turn unify the disparate strands of truth-seeking into one new faith, a faith in the rationality, discoverability, and recongizability of a personal Mind, that is ‘God’, that reveals godself in endless forms of created things, all held together in quantum love: that cosmic force of otherness, openness, newness, self-emptyingness, passion, power, beauty, joy, ecstasy…and never-ending life.


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