Deeper magic

January 4, 2016 (Timu):

John Polkinghorne writes in his book One World:

“On this view [that miracles can be likened to a ‘phase change’ in physics, e.g. the move from ordinary conduction in metals to superconductivity], as in the Fourth Gospel, miracles are seen, not as celestial conjuring tricks, but as signs, insights into a deeper rationality than normally perceptible to us.”

It is that deeper rationality, that DEEPER MAGIC (to use C.S. Lewis’s phrase) that I am forthwith devoted to exploring – that semiotic system, that grammar of God, in which miracles and everyday events are but signs.

Polkinghorne again: “Theology is not to be compartmentalized into reason and revelation, nor is the world to be divided between the sacred and the profane. They interpenetrate each other. We are concerned not with nature and supernature, but with one reality. The coherence and integrity of God’s relationship with the world is…to be the basis for [theology].

And finally: “The cosmological insight…focuses on the intelligibility of the world, the way in which its patterns interlock with the patterns of our thinking, so that we can understand the world in which we live. The rational order that science discerns is so beautiful and striking that it is natural to ask why it should be so. It could find an explanation only in a cause itself essentially rational. This would be provided by the Reason of the Creator, which establishes the common ground for the observed rationality of the world and the experienced rationality of our minds.”

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