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It’s true. I can’t deny it:

I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Sheep everywhere, beware!

This is how it happened: I was born a wolf-pup but into a world of sheep, sheepdogs, and shepherds. My natural wolflish ways were too dangerous, too misunderstood, so I was trained to become a sheep. When I tried to howl, I was told to bleat. When I tried to bite, I was made to nibble. When I wanted to hunt, I was forced to graze. And my coat, that beautiful, sleek, coat of whites and browns and greys and blacks…well, it was too unique, too special, too varied, so it was replaced hair by hair with a pure white cloak of wool.

In spite of the onslaught of sheepdom, my wolfish heart never died. It came close, and I became a very sheepish wolf indeed. That about killed me. Then I began to wake up.

I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing, yes, but I am taking off the mask. Mouthful by mouthful, I am uprooting the wool so my luxurious wolf coat can shine again. It’s painful. It’s bloody. But oh does it feel so good and so right and so…free. It’s worth all I’ve suffered and more.

I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so beware.

If you feel the hot breath of my mouth on your neck, or the sharp points of my teeth on your scruff, be afraid, yes, be very afraid. But not for your life. I am not the wolf that will eat you. I am the wolf that will save you. What you should fear for is not your very life but your life as a sheep. You are not a sheep. Your sheepish life is a lie, a scam, the greatest con-job in all history. Just like me, you were born a wolf, wild and free. The world could not contain your wolfhood, so it domesticated you. It made you a sheepish sheep, weak and gullible. You can’t protect yourself, so you need sheepdogs. You can’t lead yourself, so you need shepherds. You have no power because your power was taken away when you were young.

You are not a sheep. You are a wolf! Embrace your wolfhood!

Jesus is recorded in John 10:11 as saying that he was “the good shepherd [who] lays down his life for his sheep.” Indeed he was/is. Shepherds – good shepherds – have been needed throughout history because the majority of human beings have been sheep. They don’t know where to graze. They don’t know where to water. They don’t think for themselves. They blindly follow each other and naively follow their leader. Utterly defenseless, they are encircled and corralled by sheepdogs. For out there, the wolf and the lion lurk.

A relative told me that I am “the thief that comes to steal and kill and destroy” (John 10:10). I guess they weren’t far off the mark. I come to steal sheep from the flock so they can rediscover their wolfhood. I come to kill the illusion that they were ever sheep at all. And I come to destroy the stronghold sheephood has had over their minds, bodies, and souls.

I am the wolf stalking your hedge.

I am the wolf haunting your heart.

I will hound you to set you free.

I will bite you to secure your release.

All this so that one day you can run with my pack and rule the wilds again.


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