Word of life

On July 19, 2015, I recorded more quotes from the French Jesuit priest, Jean-Pierre de Caussade. His book Abandonment to Divine Providence totally rocked my world. Here he is writing about the word of life that sounds in the depths of each one of us: in our minds, hearts, and – though we are not used to hearing it here – our bodies. As he says, it may be interesting and at times helpful to know what this Word is saying to other people, but it is always communicating with you as well. The important thing is to listen, trust, and obey.

[God] speaks to every heart, and to each He utters the word of life, the only word applicable to us, but we do not hear it. We want to know what He has said to others and do not listen when He speaks to ourselves.

Therefore it is not within the narrow limits of a book, or the life of a saint, or in some sublime idea that I ought to seek you [God]. These are but drops of that ocean which is poured out over every creature and in which they are all immersed.

There is not a single atom that goes to form part of your being, even to the marrow of the bones, that is not formed by the divine power. From it all things proceed, by it all things are made. Your very life-blood flows through your veins by the movement this power imparts to it, and all the fluctuations that exist between strength and weakness, languor and liveliness, life and death, are divine instruments put in motion to effect your sanctification.

Your life flows on uninteruptedly in this unsounded abyss in which each present moment contains all that is best for you, and as such must be loved and esteemed.

In course of time the idea formed by the Eternal Wisdom of all things is carried out by divine action. All things have in God their likeness and are recognized and known by the Divine Wisdom.

[The soul] listens to the voice of the Word when it sounds in the depths of the heart, and it does not inquire as to what the divine Spouse has said to others, but is satisfied with what it receives for itself.

I will no longer run after masters and books but will only make use of them as of other things that present themselves, not for my own satisfaction, but in dependence on the divine action and in obedience to You. For love of You and to discharge my debts, I will confine myself to the one essential business, that of the present moment, and thus enable You to act.

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