Living gospels

July 5, 2015:

In my reading this morning, Jean-Pierre de Caussade waxed eloquent on the subject of divine speech-as-action:

“Of life of Jesus! Comprehending and extending beyond all the centuries of time, life effecting new operations of grace at every moment…

“How many Gospels would have to be written to record the history of all the moments of this mystical life of Jesus Christ in which miracles are multiplied to infinity and eternity. If the beginning of His natural life is so hidden yet so fruitful, what can be said of the divine action of that life of which every age of the world is the history?”

“As the truth of God has been made known by word of mouth, so His charity is manifested by action. The Holy Spirit continues to carry on the work of our Savior. While helping the Church to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, He writes His own Gospel in the hearts of the just. All their actions, every moment of their lives, are the Gospel of the Holy Spirit. The souls of the saints are the paper, the sufferings and actions the ink. The Holy Spirit with the pen of His power writes a living Gospel, but a Gospel that cannot be read until it has left the press of this life, and has been published on the day of eternity.”

“But how can we read a book the characters of which are foreign to us, the letters innumerable, the type reversed and the pages blotted with ink?”

This is my quest, to help make the living Book of the World more legible.

The logos of God at work in people’s lives, in history, in reality – all is the speech, the language of God. All is Spirit, Mystery, until it is (re)cognized: brought into the domain of rational thought.

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