My universe

July 3, 2015, in Timu, northeastern Uganda:

The last couple of weeks I’ve been reading My Universe by Teilhard de Chardin. It’s a short and exceptionally clear presentation of his main ideas. I record here some key quotes that I want to remember…because they speak my truth as well:

“Ever since childhood, the need to lay hold of some ‘Absolute’ in everything was the axis of my inner life.”

“Since my childhood, and in later days ever more fully and with a greater sense of conviction, I have always loved and sought to read the face of Nature.”

“It seems to me that every effort I have made, even when directed to a purely natural object, has always been a religious effort.”

“Science (which means all forms of human activity) and Religion have always been for me one and the same thing; both have been, so far as I have been concerned, the pursuit of one and the same Object.”

“The Universe was ultimately revealed to me as a Reality with an extraordinarily insistent claim for recognition.”

“The whole problem of my interior life…has consisted…in knitting together in myself the influences that radiate from each of the two centers (God and the World)…in making them coincide.”

“My irresistible tendency is to universalize what I love, because otherwise I cannot love it.”

“In a real and literal sense we may say…whatever is done to us, it is Christ who does it, and, whatever we do, it is to Christ that we do it.”

“For me, the best philosophy will always be that which allures me most fully to feel Christ, necessarily, and everywhere.”

“I therefore cry out…for the moment when the age-old rules of Christian ascesis and direction…will be brought together into a more organic and rational code.”

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