June 28, 2015:

While the women went to church, A and I hiked down toward the Kenya escarpment, to that outcropping with a stunning view of the Rift Valley.


It was so wonderful just to break free from domestic life for a couple of hours with another guy.


On the way, some Ik in their gardens told me children had come out there that morning to pick turunet berries. I really wanted to find some and give A a chance to taste them, so I prayed God would reveal some to us. Just a few minutes before reaching the boulder, we came across a fruiting tree!


Once at the rock, we enjoyed the view, took a bunch of pictures, and got ready to return home. But then we spotted another boulder jutting out of the slope several hundred yards down.


So we set out trying to reach it. It was an exciting adventure that met all kinds of male needs for brotherhood, adventure, danger, risk, challenge, ingenuity, skill, accomplishment, purpose, etc. We scrambled down the steep slope, grasping rocks and plants so as not to tumble down to injury or death.

Fujo, bless his heart, accompanied us to the very end.


When we reached the goal, there was an exhilarating sense of success and reward. I know neither A nor I will ever forget it!



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