Religion of evolution

June 12, 2015:

Teilhard de Chardin shows me the cause I am to help push forward:

“A Religion of Evolution: that, when all is said and done, is what Man needs ever more explicitly if he is to survive and ‘super-live’, as soon as he becomes conscious of his power to ultrahominize himself and of his duty to do so.”

And later: “[This religion of evolution] is still, and will be, Christianity, but a ‘reborn’ Christianity, as assured of victory tomorrow as it was in its infancy – because it alone (through the double power, at last fully understood, of its Cross and Resurrection) is capable of becoming the religion whose specific property is to provide the driving force of evolution.”

That line, at last fully understood, is where I believe I am to dwell.

Christianity is true.

The Bible records truths.

However, these truths are yet poorly understood.

This morning I see clearly that my calling is to advance this new phase of Christianity – or the True Religion – by catalyzing the rapprochement of science and religion. I will do this by researching the LOGOS, the LIVING WORD, that is the true animating and amorizing principle behind both science and religion because it is the generative principle of the Cosmos.

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