Love, life, language

April 23, 2014:

There is a synthesis rising up in me before my spiritual eyes. I can see only the wisps or strands of it as they stretch up from below; I cannot yet see where they will meet.

These strands are:

  1. That human language is a sacrament (an analogy not only in form but also in substance) of divine language, through which all things have existence.
  2. That love is the logic of God and therefore the logic – or equation or typology – of divine language and therefore of all reality.
  3. That love can only occur between two or more personal [interior] centers, and the ability to perceive and mentally model two personal centers (an ‘I’ and a ‘you’) is the key to the evolution of language from pre-language.
  4. That life figures into this conception as well insofar as love is the desire for the life of a ‘you’ in another personal center: non-human, human, or divine.

So, the synthesis I am discerning will be some kind of primordial algorithm that involves LOVE, LIFE, and LANGUAGE.

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