Free the captives

September 18, 2014:

“Set the captives free” – that’s what a good warrior does. The best special ops missions are not assassinations or demolitions but rescue operations.

“Set the captives free” – that’s what I want to use my life for.

I am a warrior. And the war is evolution toward unity in God…

I am not a fighter in physical terms. I am a fighter in epistemological and spiritual terms. I am not a door-kicking, bullet-spraying kind of warrior either. No, I’m the recon sniper type: I sneak behind enemy lines, blend into the surroundings, and do reconnaissance. I wait, and wait, and wait. When I pull the trigger, no one sees it coming. I clear the field for Life’s advancing forces. I take out the guards, one by one, the guards of anonymity, illiteracy, ignorance, marginalization, discrimination, isolation, muteness, fatalism, shame, and unconsciousness.

I wait for the right moment, then I radio my commander and say: “Hey Mikey, I’m about ready to punch that time-card.”

And he says: “DO IT!”

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