Feathered friends

At a time in which human relationships were often so overwhelming, I took solace in communing with other members of the local ecosystem. This journal entry describes one special experience where I got to enjoy some of my favorite feathered friends.

*The photos are not my own.

August 7, 2011:

Related image
white-crested turaco

Two mornings ago, when I was having my time of solitude on the wooded hillside, near where we plan to build an office, I had a really neat experience that seemed like an extra blessing from God: at least six white-crested turacos flew up the hill to feed on a fruiting fig tree. On their way back down, four of them came right by in front of me, hopping from branch to branch.

At one point I thought I saw a turaco without a white head. That would have to be a Ross’s Turaco, the only other kind that lives here. But I had actually never seen one. This time, though, one of them came right past me, following the same route the white-crested ones had. I had the privilege of seeing this rare and magnificent bird with its red head and wing-tips, iridescent blueish-purplish body, and bright yellow beak. It was definitely a special moment…

Image result for ross turaco
Ross’s turaco

The moment was made even MORE special by the white-crested helmet shrikes [my favorite bird in the Ikian countryside] and brown parrots.

Related image
white-crested helmet shrike
Image result for brown parrot
brown parrot

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