Lord’s Prayer Remixed

Human worlds are built with signs, verbal and nonverbal. As one’s world expands, so must one’s signage (and as one’s signage expands, so will one’s world). For most of my life I had used biblical language to think and talk about spiritual realities. But once I had peered past strictly biblical horizons, I began to incorporate a broader vocabulary gleaned from science, philosophy, other religions, and interdisciplinary studies of various kinds.

On August 2, 2008, I played with this more transdisciplinary way of speaking by remixing the Lord’s Prayer from the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 6:

Our fatherly, invisible Source of Life

May the thought of you be kept sacred

May the field of your influence be complete

May your intention be fulfilled in lower dimensions

As it is in the higher dimensions

Give your life-world its daily sustenance

Annul our karmic debits

As we neutralize the karmic debits of others

And steer us clear of the forces of destruction

For the scope of influence, the life-force, and the cosmic splendor are yours forever

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