A meditation from June 11, 2008:

Life-Giver, give life to the failing, to the ailing

Life-Maker, make life for those yet unmade in your mind

Life-Springer, spring life from those seeds sown in your soil

Life-Lifter, lift life for the drooping leaf, for the dreary soul

Life-Bringer, bring life to the fathomless depths of the human heart

Listen carefully now. Have ears to hear the work of love all around. Every leaf, every blade of grass, every shoot pushing toward the sun – all are made alive and green by Life Itself. Every heartbeat, every breath in the lungs, every twinkle of the eye – all are energized by Life Itself. Every act of kindness, every selfless deed, every life-promoting act – all are induced by Life Itself. Life overcomes death and decay. The quiet, slow, subtle march of pulsating molecules never stops gathering and commissioning new matter for new Life. Life is indomitable, tenacious.

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