Eternal life

A journal entry from May 1, 2008:

Why would people need to believe Jesus was the Son of God in order to gain Life? What is the phenomenological link between Jesus being God-in-the-flesh and our becoming gods-in-the-flesh as a result of our belief?

I’ve heard the theological answers, of course, but they obscure as much as they reveal. It takes ‘faith’ to be saved. Is it true that the key is faith in such a way that it matters not whether the object of faith is real or not? The proof is in the pudding: people who believe Jesus was the Revealer of God tend to become more godlike themselves [or do they?]. Perhaps when Jesus became convinced that he was special, was the Messiah, was divine, that flipped a switch that allowed the Life to well up in and through him to the extent that it did. Such that when we too become convinced that we are the spiritual siblings of Jesus, our switch gets flipped as well, opening a valve for abundant, eternal Life to well up inside us. The Life is always already permeating us and our surroundings; we are just ignorant of it. Knowing that a human (Jesus) can fully embody the Cosmic Life can inspire us to look inward for clues on how to do the same. It comes agonizingly slowly, in fits and starts.

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